I admit I didn't really know much about Hypnosis, and was quite a skeptic the first time, but I am an absolute believer now!  I can't even list all the ways it has improved my outlook, mood, and enjoyment of life - and other people noticed too!  You are a TRUE Healer, and a blessing.

      Thank you with all my heart!    -Karen 

Finding Loren has been life changing for me.  Walking into her space feels so good.  She is highly skilled at everything she does, yet we have stayed mostly within the realms of hypnotherapy.  Her ability to bring me exactly where I need to go, combined with her intuition and finesse, has enabled the clearing of some pretty long standing, heavy issues for me.  The real magic is when she administers a few needles at the end of the session to enhance profound healing.  Every time I leave her office, I leave buzzing.  There isn’t a person in my life who I haven’t urged to go and see her.            ​-Niva H.

​​​​​Dear Dr. Loren,

Thank you so much for helping my mother, I cannot believe the improvement in her facial expression, tremors, and ability to walk! I know it will not cure the Parkinson's, but we are both so happy how she has responded to your therapy, it is really uplifting for both of us!  Thank you for all of your hard work and care!       -Monica

I've been seeing Loren for acupuncture and coaching for years and recently tried her Herbal Facial (I don't usually get facials since I'm prone to break-outs).  Not only did my skin look and feel glowing and happy, but my whole body seemed glowing and happy from the inside!  Now an essential piece of my monthly care routine. 10 out of 10!        -Carly D

My first experience with acupuncture was with Loren.  I was nervous but excited! Loren made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Her voice is calming and genuine. The session was so relaxing that I fell asleep. I highly recommend acupuncture with Loren.               ~Debby


I was attracted to the work of Dr.​ Loren Batsell because she seemed to have a lot of healing modalities to share with her patients.  I was already a fan of acupuncture...but Loren's approach to health and healing raises the bar tenfold.  Her unique gifts lend themselves to more than I ever expected, from acupuncture to functional medicine and...a form of hypnosis as I have never experienced before.  I can honestly say it is life changing in the deepest sense, and that is after only one session.  Do yourself a favor and give Loren a call. You will not be disappointed. She has a deep desire in her heart to help you in any way she can.     -Susan G.

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     Dr. Loren,

I cannot express how different my day to day life is now because of your caring and skillful help!   (I forgot what it was like to feel good.)   Thank you SO MUCH for working with me through all the "layers".   You truly changed my life around for the better!        Sincerely,  Mary Ann